Soul Searching 2.0

Welcome back to Soul Searching, with your favorite host and Gotei Captain... Seji Midori!

It's that time again, and I come to you this time with my best pal... the one and only Captain Isao Morishita!
When we sat down for a chat, he graciously awarded me with some very cryptic (and one somewhat emotional) descriptions of two of you... and I can't wait to share them so you can guess who he described!

Without further ado, your first clue is:
  • play_arrow"Their partner allegedly sleeps around quite a bit, andn she never said bye to me when I left the division! :("
Have any idea who Isao might be referring to?

What about this next one? Your second clue is:
  • play_arrow"The most mysterious witch!"
As I said before, he's really being cryptic here.
Do you have any guesses of who these descriptions might be of? I'd love to know - place your guesses below and maybe win a lovely prize!

Seji Midori
13th Division Captain