Happy Tuesday Reapers! Today we have another edition of Teddy's Tours to get through! As we begin our Tour De Academy in the Initiation Zone, we come to one of the most important places in the whole Academy, The Assembly Hall.

So as we all know, the Assembly Hall is where everyone begins their journey in the Shin'o Academy. At the start of each year, all the freshly remade students will be guided to the Hall at the start of the day for breakfast and have the start of year announcements made by the Deputy Head Captain (or the Head Captain if he's feeling like it). However, there may be some things that you actually don't know about the Assembly Hall, for which I am happy to fill in the blanks!

For starters, there's the layout of the Hall itself. The Academy's Assembly Hall is the biggest of all our Hall-like structures (not including the subject lecture halls which we will get to in another blog). Outside the hall lies the big Bulletin Board where all of the school's most important announcements are posted, including things like changes in Academy personnel, changes to the Academy itself and significant things happening in the Soul Society that might affect the Academy as well.

The Hall iteslf looks very much like any human world university canteen would, except much MUCH bigger. Along the left side of the Hall is a loooong row of food selection featuring cuisine choices from all across the human world, cooked especially by the amazing chefs of Squad 4. The main hall itself comprises of a huge number of tables of varying sizes here and there as well as many booth tables lined up on the right side of the hall. To the very back of the Hall, where the great Soul Points wall lies, there is a little moveable podium where the Deputy Head Captain makes the morning announcements and start of year announcements.

The Hall has three main meal times each day, breakfast, lunch and an evening meal. Fun fact: The Academy does provide housing for its students and faculty but students still have the option of living with their families in Rukongai and going home on a regular basis. Most just find it easier to stay at the Academy considering the huge travel time required.

Overall, the Hall is an EXTREMELY important location to know all about. Next week we shall move on over to the Geography class, located not too far from the Assembly Hall and perhaps Sensei Saito will share some wisdom with us!


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All in-game information on site locations is provided by Head Captain Saito.