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Guess What you See?
Edition #002
Written by:
Adrian Morningstar

Hello Fellow Residents,
Welcome back to the newest issue of Guess It. Guessed right by many people, the songs for last week was You've got a Friend in me by Randy Newman. The winners will be receiving their gifts soon. This week I have come up with clues related to a show. The clues for the show for this week are listed below.

You all a week's time to get back to me with the answer. Hopefully you are the next perosn to get a prize. We would be very happy if everyone joined us, normal users, student staff and the grad staff. I would love to see all your guesses.

The show for this week:
-is set in late 2010's
-is based in a fictional place
-has three seasons, and is a Netflix series
-deals with some triggering themes such as suicide and trauma
-based on a very famous book
-has four seasons

Think you know the answer, send them in a mail to me. First five guessers will get a prize. Did that ring a bell? Did the many songs you have heard ring through your head? Well if yes then I wish you luck in looking for this one and getting back to me with it. Maybe you will get an awesome surprise if you are on time.

Think you know the answer, send them in a mail to me titles Guess It- Answers (use the same one everytime). First five guessers will get a prize.

Happy Hunting.
Peace out.

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