If you enjoy Tite Kubo's Bleach and Burn The Witch as well as RPG websites, then you have reached the prefect place! World of Reapers is an online text-based RPG website where you can join the Shin'ō Academy and become a Shinigami, Fullbringer, Arrancar, Quincy, or a Witch, and roleply your way to becoming a Soul Reaper!

On World of Reapers you can make new friends and chat in the Assembly Hall, take your weapon and battle in the Tournament, or complete all of the Academy homework and lead your clan to victory at the end of each year! The only limit is your own imagination!

Create Your Character


Joining World of Reapers lets you roleplay with other Bleach and Burn The Witch universe fans in the chat rooms, and make some new friends as you journey around the site! In chat rooms like the Assembly Hall, you can talk about current Bleach news, characer ideas, and even plan some roleplay with other users in the roleplaying threads!


And what are the threads? Well, for the roleplaying element on WoR, you can enter one of the many threads on the site and roleplay yourself in the Soul Society, Hueco Mundo, or the Human World! And, if you're feeling like fighting some dragons, you can even head over to Reverse London!


At the Shin'o Academy, you can join classes such as Zanpakuto and Kido Training to gain student levels and Academy power medals! Plus, there's no stopping there. Take your lessons a step further and join Wing Bind to progress on a career path and join the Royal Guard, become a Dragon Tamer, or simply join the Gotei 13!


When you join World of Reapers, you can create your own unique powers for your charcater! Create your own zanpakuto, resurreccion, fullbring, spirit weapon, or even witch powers, and develop them even further with the many rare items and powerups you can earn!


For those of you that seek true power and wish to release your Bankai, summon your Hell powers as an Oni, or perhaps use your Fullbring to steal the power of others... You can gain the opportunity to win statuses that grant you rare and extremely powerful abilities and artifacts!


Is there much you can do with your statuses and powers? Yes! Take your custom made abilities and test your mettle using our uniquely made battle system to fight other users in the Battle Tournament, or participate in our many events and fight hollows and anime antagonists!


If you have any questions or requests, please contact us at this email: [email protected]