Soul Searching
Can you find the right answer to our first ever Soul Search?

- From : Seji Midori

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Katon Miho

Katon Miho My future officer of course! Tsuki Ruriko!

Kazuhiko Kishimoto

Kazuhiko Kishimoto Tsuki-

Isao Morishita

Isao Morishita UUHH It's Tsuki! I knew that of course (she never uses it in my class)

Tsuki Ruriko

Tsuki Ruriko Very hard not to recognize my own power :D Thank you so much for taking an interest in my shikai ♥

Hayami Nitta

Hayami Nitta Tsuki Ruriko ^^

Maia Itoshii

Maia Itoshii Tsuki

Maral Goto

Maral Goto It took me ages to realise who would probably have a water type Zanpakuto but it seems so obvious now that I realised it's Tsuki!

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