Your monthly dose of gossip from the Soul Society

- From : Hayami Nitta

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Maia Itoshii

Maia Itoshii Ooo, gossip.

Seji Midori

Seji Midori Oooh, love some good gossip over a warm cup of tea!

Isao Morishita

Isao Morishita If a peasant like me could read, I would say this article was great!

Katon Miho

Katon Miho ehem I am nobility tyvm don't need to dig my claws anywhere to get that... Besides she came in the bar second double check your sources Hayami...

Aiko Hattori

Aiko Hattori Finally we have a gossip column, and it can't be better!! Thank you for keeping us updated, but the drink Aiko is having with Katon is very inocent -.-

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