Backstory of the Month | #1
Our first Backstory of the Month is now released! Read on to see who our winner is and how to win yourself!

- From : Sako Midori

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Sayuri Miho

Sayuri Miho Well done dear Goho, reading about your character is a pure joy!

Miyashiro Soshu

Miyashiro Soshu Congrats, Goho!

Shinji Oshita

Shinji Oshita Congrats!

Okumura Wasabi

Okumura Wasabi Congrats Goho,Truly deserved! :D

Maral Goto

Maral Goto Woo! Well done Goho! <3

Takumi Rahman

Takumi Rahman Congrats Goho! Well done :D

Aiko Hattori

Aiko Hattori Goho has an amazing backstory. Congratulations :D

Tsuki Ruriko

Tsuki Ruriko Congratulations Goho, such a well deserved victory! Now excuse me as I go polish my profile for next month!

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