Special Edition Blog: Isao Investigates
Captain Midori is on vacation?! Captain Morishita is here to save the day!

- From : Isao Morishita

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Megumi Mori

Megumi Mori What a wonderful blog, Cap!

Aiko Hattori

Aiko Hattori That is my mask, it changes the shape in the Segunda Etapa! I don't like hats much

Emaline Wynravic

Emaline Wynravic Emaline Wynravic approves of more hats in the Gotei 13 and Soul Society in general….maybe we need more in Wing Bind. Join the Anthems, get a free hat! Hehehe

Maeve Sallow

Maeve Sallow I like Aiko's head piece! not a fan of the hats tho

Isao Morishita

Isao Morishita Hmm, I see there are now pro-hat and anti-hat factions

Katon Miho

Katon Miho I am rather happy with the lack of hats in the Gotei. They are not really useful around here

Sayuri Miho

Sayuri Miho This is quite an interesting theme! Maybe we do need more hats...

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