Bleach spotlight: Arrancar
Arrancar are incredible characters in the Bleach canon, but do you know that you can also be an arrancar on World of Reapers? Come find out how, and in what way our arrancars are different from the canon!

- From : Sayuri Miho

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Arata Saito

Arata Saito Arrancar certainly are cool and interesting! I'm eager to see more in the WoR higher ranks!

Sabrine Savagaeu

Sabrine Savagaeu The Arrancar are certainly very interesting

Aiko Hattori

Aiko Hattori We are the best!!! I adore the Arrancar race

Lotte Esser

Lotte Esser Oh boy that's a hard question! If I was an arrancar what power would I make? I would like to fly, so maybe my Resurreccion would be bird-like!

Anathema Blake

Anathema Blake Arrancar are the coolest!

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