Meet The Staff - Cho Matsuo
Meet the Staff that keeps World of Reapers going every day!

- From : Brittany Black

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Cho Matsuo

Cho Matsuo Please do come visit :D There will be (too much) enough for everyone

Chihiro Samejima

Chihiro Samejima Reminds me I have to visit soon so we can chat! (and maybe stuff my face with some cookies)

Maral Goto

Maral Goto Yo Cho! (Sorry I wanted to make the joke!) It was great reading through this! I can agree that the staff are very fun here and I love it <3

Tsuki Ruriko

Tsuki Ruriko I will definitely come say hello to have free cookies and tea! :P

Asmodeus Sakuma

Asmodeus Sakuma It's nice to meet the wonderful Deputy Head. Hope your leadership reigns for long!

Arata Saito

Arata Saito I now demand these cookies and tea that you speak of

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