Arata Saito


Born in Sakahone District, Arata Saito is the current Head Captain of the Gotei 13, and highest leader of all of the Soul Societies armed forces. Saito is a pure soul, born directly in the Soul Society from a very unassuming family. The son of shopkeeper turned Captain, Hitori Saito, and 5th Seat 10th Division Officer Izana Shima of the now extinct Shima noble family.

Growing up, Saito was a child of adventure and freedom, always seeking introgue where he could find it, which led to his discovery of Seireitei and the Gotei 13. Desperate to prove himself, he relentlessly forced his way to the gate to enter, eventually earning the attention of the previous Head Captain, Levi Mako. Managing to impress the man, Saito was granted entry into the Academy and trained for the full seven years, before being accelarated into the 13th Division immediately after graduation.

Saito's career in the Gotei 13 only lasted 5 years before he "officially" committed treason and deserted his position. Almost ten years later, Saito returned to the Soul Society, undergoing an invasion on the Gotei 13 with his father, cousins, and numerous other allies. This invasion led to the previous Head Captain being uncovered as the known criminal Barrato Llied, who was killed in combat by Saito. Thus, Saito was voted as the new Head Captain at 35.

At present day, Saito remains the Head Captain, as well as substitute Sensei of Hakuda class at the Academy, and has two Soul Reaper children of his own, Takehiko and Yuli Saito.
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