Hitori Saito


Hitori Saito is a human soul Shinigami, and the current Captian of the 6th Division. Born in Fukuoka, Japan to Toru Saito and Fuyuko Konishi, Hitori grew up under the constant expectation from his mother to marry into a high class family. Though his family were not rich or powerful, they were well respected business people and his mother consistently aimed to up their status. However, Hitori took that resistance to his grave, never marrying in life.

Hitori came to the Soul Society when he was 46 years old, living in Sakahone District where he eventually reunited with his father. Together, they resumed their life as it was and opened Saito General Store in Sakahone. It quickly became a staple in the district, with many going there for their basic needs, both souls and Soul Reapers alike. Eventually, Hitori met and married the Soul Reaper Izana Shima, and they had two children, Ishizu and Arata Saito.

Not long after Ishizu was born, Izana died and Hitori was left to raise his children, with the help of Toru. Hitori allowed Arata to join the Shin'o Academy despite his distaste for Soul Reapers. When the time came that his son embarked on a mission to take down the Head Captain, Hitori was reluctant, but soon joined to help, using a zanpakuto that his late wife gifted him. Because of his use of the zanpakuto, the spirit attacked him, causing his eyes to wither and make him look like an elderly man.

Even though he has always had disdain for the Gotei 13 and Soul Reapers, Hitori agreed to help Arata in a time of need, taking up the position of 9th Division Captain. Hitori learned to enjoy the post and eventually accepted a transfer to the 6th Division, deciding to transfer ownership of his store to his daughter so that he could properly dedicate himself to the Captain position.
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