Hayami Nitta


Born into the esteemed lineage of Clan Nitta, her destiny was intertwined with duty and honor from the very beginning. As the former 78th head of Clan Nitta, she bore the weight of tradition and expectation with grace and resilience. Yet, it was on the battlefield where her true mettle was forged.

In her tenure as Lieutenant of the 6th Division, Hayami Nitta earned renown for her unwavering dedication and unparalleled combat prowess. With each battle, she carved a path of victory, earning the respect of allies and adversaries alike. Her leadership was marked by a rare blend of strategic acumen and unwavering loyalty to the Gotei 13.

Upon her promotion to the esteemed role of Captain of the 13th Division, she embraced her newfound responsibilities with characteristic resolve. Under her command, the division flourished, its members inspired by her unyielding commitment to their cause.

However, it was her ascension to the coveted position of Divine Commander that solidified her legacy as one of Soul Society's notable characters. Tasked with leading Squad Zero, she became the embodiment of spiritual strength and martial excellence.

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