Aiko Hattori


Aiko Hattori was born as a human at the beginning of the 20th century, dying in her twenties and turning into a hollow. After more than a century of devouring hollows, Aiko evolved to the highest class of Menos, becoming a very powerful Vasto Lorde.
During her time in Hueco Mundo, a dispute between her and other Vasto Lorde occurred, ending up with her being outnumbered and on the brink of death. In a lucky twist of fate, she was rescued and brought to the Soul Society.

When she opened her eyes, Aiko found herself in Kami no Kuni, with no memory of her past, nor how she ended up there. She soon caught the attention of members of a powerful gang: the Kobayashi. They saw her latent talent for killing and fighting, and they inducted her into their ranks, becoming a valuable member within the gang. However, Aiko decided that they didn’t give her what she wanted, and she joined the Shin’O Academy.
In the Shin’O Academy, Aiko shined in many disciplines, such as Zanjutsu, Hakuda and Kido. Despite the fierce competition in her class, she managed to graduate as the second-best student in the Academy.

Following her graduation, Aiko joined the 13th Division, and slowly ascended the ranks until she reached the Lieutenant seat. There, she served under the Command of Hayami Nitta, until she was recommended for the Captain exam. Aiko passed, and she was appointed Captain of the 11th Squad.
After a short Captaincy, the 12th Division Captain position opened capturing Aiko’s attention due to her interest in science and research, so her transfer was soon ensured.
As the newly appointed Captain of the 12th, and having the Arrancars under her command, Aiko faced many hardships since her decree. She remained vigilant in her training despite her role, which uncovered a past that she thought had been lost. After a friendly battle turned into an almost deadly encounter with Hayami Nitta, Aiko’s instincts took over revealing her true nature as Vasto Lorde.

In the present, the 12th Division shines under Captain Hattori’s command, with the aid of her Lieutenant.
--coded by Nicole--