Kaito Nitta


Kaito is a Magistrate within Central 46 and related to the Nitta Clan through a secondary generation.

He is the eldest child of Amenze and Oduva Nitta, and older sibling to Hitomi Nitta. From a young age, though not a noble himself, he was raised to be proper, studious and was often reminded that he was representing the clan and any decision he made could impact the family's reputation. He was a promising student though was prone to fights with a short temper. He graduated and married, moving to Rukongai where he settled down until tradegy struck and he lost his wife.

Kaito remained in Rukongai, raising his child and eventually returned to the family and enlisting in the Gotei 13 as a Lieutenant. He climbed the ranks to Captain before deciding that his skills were better suited to Central 46 where he became a Juror and climbed the ranks once again to a Magistrate. He also united Clan Nitta and Clan Miho in matrimony with Sayuri Miho as his wife.
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