Kimiko Noriko


Born as a human, she spent her short life in Japan before she eventually became a hollow, devouring all she could find. It wasn't long before she was discovered by a Soul Reaper and was sent to the Soul Society.
Kimiko spent her time in a district far from the Seireitei where people were scarce but she was found by a Soul Reaper who sensed her potential and reiatsu and was invited to attend the Shin'O Academy. Bored and having very little else to do, Kimiko accepted and enrolled.
She wasn't anything exceptional, but she showed motivation and posessed a keen intellect. When she graduated she set her sights on Squad 12, knowing it was run by an already powerful Arrancar.
Kimiko worked her way up the ranks, and is now a 3rd rank officer within the 12th Division. She runs the security operations group.
--coded by Nicole--