Suijin is the name of Tsuki Ruriko's zanpakuto. This elegant zanpakuto contains a caring, loyal but quite possessive spirit, very demanding of Tsuki's care and affection.

The core element of this zanpakuto is water and after the command "Nagareru Suijin" (flow, Suijin) the zanpakuto trembles and appears wet and steaming. Just like water, this power is incredibly versatile, with deadly offensive moves, shapeshifting abilities and even cover moves.

The zanpakuto's Bankai is Suiten Suijin (Water Heaven Suijin) and it takes Suijin's water powers to the extreme, being able to control other creatures and humans' movements by using their water content, and even allowing Tsuki to turn into water as well for a brief amount of time, via the Bankai fusion Arahitogami (God incarnate).
--coded by Nicole--