Hikari no Shimai


Hikari no Shimai (Sisters of light) is the name of Sayuri Miho's zanpakuto. This peculiar zanpakuto contains not one, but two spirits, Azumanohikari (light of the East) and Nishinohikari (light of the West). These spirits appear to Sayuri as twin sprite children, always nagging and rarely wanting to get to work.

The core element of this zanpakuto is light and after the command "Kagayaku shimai" (shine, sisters) the zanpakuto doubles into two twin zanpakuto katanas with a light-made blade. This power is extremely versatile, with both offensive and defensive abilities.

The zanpakuto's Bankai is Kagami no Ie (House of Mirrors) and, as the name suggests, it creates a huge mirror labyrinth around Sayuri's opponents. It is not a trap you would like to find yourself stuck in.
--coded by Nicole--