Sasayaku (Whisper) is the name of the zanpakuto currently in the possession of Hitori Saito, though its original owner was Goro Shima. Sasayaku appears as a woman's head shrouded entirely by black hair. When the hair parts, it reveals nothing but a skeletal spine. Sasayaku is extremely quiet and doesn't speak with words but through the mind. Ususally, it appears as if its been crying.

Sasayaku is an illusion zanpakuto. After the release command "Shibireru" it remains the same in terms of looks, but changes once its abilities are used. The form Sasayaku takes is smoke. The blade disperses, creating a thick smog and leaving only the hilt. This form is used for most of Sasayaku's abilities. Sasayaku's power depends on preying on the feelings of isolation and fear, creating illusions and attacks that affect the mind of its victims.
--coded by Nicole--