Hayami Nitta's Zanpakuto, Dakusapento, is a formidable weapon with a personality as potent as the poison it wields. In its sealed state, Dakusapento appears as an ordinary katana, its sleek black blade betraying no hint of the lethal power it harbors. But beneath its unassuming exterior lies a force as insidious as it is commanding.
Upon unlocking its Shikai form, Dakusapento undergoes a dramatic transformation, manifesting as a thick, black liquid venom that oozes from the blade like a malevolent serpent. Surrounding Hayami in a shroud of poisonous fog, the Zanpakuto unleashes its full power, enveloping her enemies in a deadly miasma of toxicity.

Dakusapento's inner personality mirrors the potent nature of its abilities. Power-hungry and theatrical, it revels in the chaos and destruction it inflicts upon its foes. With each strike, it seeks to assert its dominance, corrupting and corroding everything it touches with ruthless efficiency.
The poison fog that surrounds Hayami may seem ominous, but within its confines lies a zone of safety, a haven amidst the lethal venom that courses through Dakusapento's veins. It is a testament to the symbiotic relationship between wielder and weapon, a bond forged in the crucible of battle and tempered by the fires of adversity.

In combat, Dakusapento is a force to be reckoned with, its venomous touch capable of infecting and disintegrating its victims with terrifying speed. As Hayami wields her Zanpakuto with deadly precision.
--coded by Nicole--