Yama kara no sasayaki


Yama Kara no Sasayaki is the name of Seiji's zanpakuto. The dual spirits of this zanpakuto take the form of a woman of light, resplendent in white and the other takes the form of a man, heavy with darkness. Once the shikai is released, the blade splits into two Katana blades radiating purple spiritual energy. One blade represents good and is known as the Voice of Virtue, the other represents evil and is known as the Voice of Vice. The blades resonates with a harmonious frequency that amplifies its effectiveness in combat. This resonance is not specific to either the Voice of Virtue or the Voice of Vice but rather embodies the equilibrium between the two. The harmonious frequency interferes with the enemy's spiritual senses, causing a momentary disorientation. This disarray can affect their ability to perceive and react to Seiji's movements, creating openings for strategic strikes.

Seiji and Yama Kara No Sasayaki become a transcendental entity, resonating with the celestial balance of the dual voices within. As they merge, their divine essences intertwine, creating a powerful synergy that manifests as an aura around him. Seiji's transformation is crowned by a halo gold light that encircles his head. Seiji's eyes blaze with an ethereal radiance, reflecting the transcendent nature of his fused form. His gaze carries the weight of cosmic judgement and divine insight, symbolizing the profound connection to the dual voices that guide him. He is devoid of emotion and humanity in this form, simply casting judgement where he and the spirits see fit, ridding the world of injustice.
--coded by Nicole--