Fuyu no Kunshu


Fuyu no Kunshu is an ice elemental Zanpakuto owned by Captain Kanai Miho with a spirit as beautiful and delicate as its abilities. Hailed as the Winter’s Monarch, she commands the ice and snow in a playful, though elegant manner. Fuyu no Kunshu appears as a young girl with snow-white hair tied into a long ponytail with a snowflake clip. She resembles the essence of what she hopes for Kanai to emulate – a balance between her authentic self and the regality she must uphold.

In its sealed state, Kanai’s Zanpakuto takes on the form of standard katana with a silver and blue butterfly-shaped cross-guard and its hilt wrapped in pale blue. Upon its activation by the command “Shatter”, Fuyu no Kunshu transforms into an elegant blade of pure-white with a butterfly decoration made of ice hung from the hilt. The crossguard forms into a silver eight-pointed snowflake.

Fuyu no Kunshu’s inner personality is thoughtful and playful. She is as fleeting as the cold wind, gentle as soft snow and delicate as snowflakes. Beneath this, however, is a spirit with tremendous power, willing to unleash an eternal and suffering winter on those she views as enemies. This unforgiving nature comes from her loyalty and devotion to her friendship with Kanai after the two of them developed a significantly strong bond.
--coded by Nicole--