Akai Kyouhakuteki


Akai Kyouhakuteki is the zanpakuto spirit of Saya Igarashi, and is unleashed with the command “Hikiyaburu, Akai Kyouhakuteki” (Rend, Crimson Menace). He possesses an eccentric and cruel demeanour, often critiquing Saya sharply. Despite this, he proves to be a fitting companion in battle, nurturing her violent tendencies. He holds Saya in low regard, deeming her unworthy of his powers and viewing her as more of a burden than a partner. His primary desire lies in his thirst for blood, reflecting his vampiric nature, constantly demanding of Saya to spill the blood of her adversaries in combat for him. In fact, in order to unleash the shikai, Saya has to let a drop of her own blood fall over the blade of her zanpakuto while she voices the command.

In his shikai form, Akai Kyouhakuteki’s abilities revolve around steel mixed with poison. Activation of the Shikai prompts a significant transformation in the zanpakuto’s appearance manifesting as a huge pair of scissors. Saya can separate them to wield them as two distinct blades, with the option to return them to their scissor form at will. However, the abilities between both forms change, so it can be a tricky zanpakuto to wield, as it requires training and strength to master it.

While Saya still hasn’t attained Akai Kyouhakuteki’s bankai, the spirit has assured her on numerous occasions that she has yet to witness his full potential.
--coded by Nicole--