Kami Muto


Kami Muto is the chosen name of the Avatar of the Soul King and, as Their avatar, they are a mere projection of Them. As Their conciousness, Kami Muto is not physically constrained like the true body of the Soul King is. They appear with all their body part intact and dress in the manner of ancient Japanese emperors. While they might look "human" to the untrained eyes, their eyes will give their deity away. In fact, Kami Muto still presents the four irises in one eye socket that the true body of the Soul King has. Moreover, even if they have a mouth, Kami Muto only communicates via telepathy.

Kami Muto shares the same powers of the true Soul King, but dampened so they can maintain this semblance of a human form and walk among mortals when needed. The sole existence of Kami Muto is due to the Soul King's necessity to occasionally break Their isolation and descend upon Soul Society. This occurrence is of course extremely rare, but not unprecedented.
--coded by Nicole--