Shinsuke Kasumioji


Shinsuke Kasumioji is the only remaining descendant of the Kasumioji noble family. Despite the law within the family that no male can lead the clan, Shinsuke was unfortunately born an only child. Thus, when it came time for a new leader to take charge of the family, Shinsuke had no choice but to become the new head of the family.

Shinsuke maintained most of the Kasumioji family traditions, inculding their assassin army and their solitude. Shinsuke so very little times left the Kasumioji compound that any memory of his existence faded away. However, soon his presence was known again, when Deputy Head Captain Miho requested his help in the Academy, asking him to teach Noble Studies class. Shinsuke was resistant but knew that he should still make sure the Kasumioji name was remembered. So, for almost a year, Shinsuke was known as the silent teacher. Very few ever interacted with him outside of the classroom and it was said that all of his classes were conducted in near complete silence.

In the current day, Shinsuke has returned to the compound and maintains his privacy, though reports have said that he has been seen outside of his home slightly more often.
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