Sōta Kanzaki


Sota Kanzaki was the fake identity used by the Arrancar Ingasta Nicanor to take over the position of Head Captain in the Soul Society, after Head Captain Hifumi Kaoru.

Sota was well known for being a terrible Head Captain, who only paid attention to matters that he had a vested personal interest in. During his time, a lot of funding was diverted to the 12th Division, for what people believed was greater advancement in Soul Society technology. However, it was later discovered that this was done in order to fund illegal development into the weaponisation of the Hollow Plague that originally wiped out the Seireitei.

Sota was soon punished for his crimes by way of execution when the current Head Captain Arata Saito defeated him in battle. It was quickly revealed that Sota was also responsible for the extinction of the Shima noble family, who were originally going to be the first to reveal his secret identity.
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