Aiko Nitta


Aiko Nitta was the 77th Head of Clan Nitta, leading it for over a 1000 years and was Captain of the 6th Division for a bit less than 200 years, the first appointed 6th Division captain after the hollowfication epidemic.

Aiko prided herself on her division, ruling with precision and aristocratic calmness. Mother to Hayami and Seiji Nitta, Aiko invested a lot of time, money and resources on to her children, Hayami especially as the future heir. She was known to be cold, apathetic and at times, cruel, when it came to her personal relationships with her family and children.

Toward the end of her tenure as Captain, Aiko became ill and healers were not able to discover the cause nor the cure. Shortly after Seiji's birth, a few months in fact, she died, leaving him with her scarf which he now wears.
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