Takahiro Nitta


Takahiro Nitta was the husband of late Aiko Nitta, and is father to Hayami and Seiji Nitta. During the Kuchiki's time of power in the 6th Division, he served in Squad 2 and quickly became known for his brutal resilience and willingness to get the job done, setting all feelings aside. After the Hollowfication epidemic where the Nitta snatched control of Squad Six, he became the Lieutenant of the Sixth with his wife as Captain for almost 200 hundred years.

He personally trained Hayami in combat, tactical warfare among other things he deemed necessary for her to have in such a vast skillset.

When his wife became sick, he resigned to take care of her and it was his daughter than took over the position of Lieutenant. When Aiko passed, he switched his focus to his son. Now he serves on the Council of Elders, advising on Clan related matters.
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