Yugurenoyama, also known as Dusk Mountain, is a beautiful moutain district in the Western Rukongai. Peaceful and lawful, it is a beauty all year round but it is especially famous for its sakura tree that blossom in spring, colouring the hole mountains in pale pink.

Despite being moutainous, Yuguremoyama is a very wealthy district, with villages all around its slopes and plains. This district is home of one of the most prominent clans in Soul Society, the Miho Clan, and it is mostly inhabited by shinigami.

The district is famous for its natural onsens and for the prouction of cherries and other fruits, as well as for the production of the highly sought after sakura sake and sakura desserts. Jewellry making and other luxury artesan activities are also prominent in the district, all contributing to its wealth.
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