Kinuma, also known as the swamp district, is an extremely rural location in the depths of the Northern Rukongai. Despite more rural district normally being dangerous because of the presence of bandits and criminals, in Kinuma nature is way more dangerous than humans, so much so that even criminal gangs have a hard time establishing themselves in here.

Kinuma is disseminated by rivers and streams, all leading to a central underground cave, too deep and dangerous to be fully explored. There are buildings and rudimentary towns in the district, but there is not enough of a structure to even have an economy to begin with. Most people simply have to depend on what nature provides them in terms of food and shelter, and have to fight to survive its many dangers.

As people need to be creative to thrive in such a place, it is not surprising to know that many talented, creative and yet very peculiar cooks can call Kinuma their home. It is also a decent place to live in if you are an adventurer at heart and are not afraid to get dirty while exploring the wilderness.

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