Kami no Kuni


Kami no Kuni, also known as the land of gods, is is one of the furthest districts to the Seireitei, and its underdevelopment can be easily explained by the sheer distance to the core of Soul Society. The district itself contains a small town with simply-made streets and wooden houses, many of them containing special secret compairments to hide people in, a testament of the dangers of the district.

There is a market that seels regular goods in the town, but the majority of the abled people are involved in the criminal world and are part of one of the many gangs that live in the area. The most important of these is the Kobayashi gang and family, who holds the real power in the region.

Outside of the criminal world, the main resources of the area are the woods and orchards, which provide not only food and building materials for the citizens, but also a way to earn a honest living for the new of them who chose a lawful life.

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