In its time, Subarashī was one of the greatest and most flourishing districts in North Rukongai. Subarashī was lined with houses upon houses and buildings full of apartments. This district was one of the most popular for new souls looking for a comfortable place to live would go. Despite it being filled with very average people, its sense of community and lovely people made it one of the best kept districts. Subarashi maintaned a strong artisan community as well, with many people of different trades setting up at home businesses.

As all businesses were run from people's homes, Subarashī did not have any specified market area, though there were three open spaces in the district that people would often go to in order to set up stalls and advertise. Most commonly, people would find free samples or testers for products and services in these areas.

However, a tragic incident ocurred in the district that caused the entire area to be burned down and destroyed. All lives were lost in the district and none who lived there survived. In the current day, the district has been walled and classed as a no-go zone by the Gotei 13. Its new designation is District Zero. Any further information is classified.

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