Hollowfication epidemic


In the year 2063, fifty years after the end of the tragic Thousand Years Blood War, peace was broken once more with what came known as the Hollowfication Epidemic. Due to unprecedented and unexplained reasons, an uncontrolled rift opened between Hueco Mundo and the Soul Society. Hollows poured into the Soul Society en masse, and the Gotei 13 responded with strenght and decision. Unfortunately, the hollows had an unfair advantage in the shape of a plague, an incredibly infectious disease that spread in the whole Soul Society starting with the Seireitei, causing the forced hollowfication of most of the population, Captains, Lieutenants and officers included. A new age of hollows started.

With this pandemic seemingly especially targetting people with high reiatsu and spreading incredibly fast, the most prominent families acted hard, sending their most important members to the Human World. Several officers where also dispatched in the Human World and were spared by this terrible events. Only a very small group of Soul Society inhabitants survived the hollowfication curse, and among them an individual with both shinigami and quincy lineage, known with the name of Tsubasa. As the small group reached the Royal Palace, which the plague was also endangering, and teamed up with the few remaining Royal Guard. With their help, they unleashed Yhwach’s remains in a ritual that allowed Tsubasa, due to their heritage, to absorb them and become the Soul King reborn.

The new Soul King, which took the new name of Muhen, and with their new powers they eradicated the plague and the hollowfied souls. The remaining officers and the Royal Guard then locked Muhen away in the Soul King Palace performing the same rituals of old to turn them into the linchpin. Then, some of the officers and Royal Guards took in their part, becoming the arms and the heart of the Soul King and bringing balance back to the World.

Two surviving officers remained in this group, untouched by the Soul King. One of the remained in the palace and ended his days as the first Divine Commander of the Soul King Reborn, while the other, Hifumi Kaoru, returned to the Soul Society, took on the mantle of Head Captain and gathered all the surviving souls and to train the new souls coming from the Human World.
--coded by Nicole--