New Head Captain


After the Seireitei was remade and everything was back in order the way it should be, there were plenty of students attending the Academy and graduating. Though one such student had ill intent for the Soul Society, Ingasta Nicanor. Ingasta was an Arrancar loyalist, believing that Hueco Mundo should exclusively belong to the Arrnacar. But more so, he felt that all worlds should be ruled by the Arrancar, allowing Hollows to be free to devour at their leisure. In order to see this world born, Ingasta set out to find ways to either recover or recreate the Hollowfication Plague, hoping to weaponise it.

His plans were sloppy, and quickly discovered by Izana Shima, of the previously discraced Shima noble family. Izana almost managed to make her report, but Ingasta tricked her into meeting him in Junrinan where he killed her, and ended the line of the Shima family. Using his power of Mass Hypnosis, Ingasta changed his form, looking like a Shinigami and taking the name Sōta Kanzaki, using deception and threats to rise to the top and become the new Head Captain after Captain Kaoru died in the field. It is assumed that Ingasta is the one who killed her as well.

30 years passed with Ingasta being the Head Captain, working relentlessly to achieve his goals. However, one of his Captains, Arata Saito of the 7th Division, began to suspect Ingasta and investigate him. Enlisting the help of his cousins, Gin and Ryu Okumura, Arata discovered the Head Captian's true identity. After failing to face him, Arata fled the Soul Society for nearly ten years, being named wanted for treason and atempted murder. After this term, Arata returned to the Soul Society, meeting with his family who had also spent time training and developing their powers. Arata, Gin, Ryu, and Arata's father Hitori all invaded the Seireitei, fighting towars the Head Captain.

It is known that Arata had also enlisted the aid of numerous allies inside the Gotei 13, such as Captain Ayumu Hasegawa, and Kido Corps Vice Commander Sayuri Miho to allow access to the Soul Society. The invasion ended with a one on one battle between Arata and Ingasta on Sokyoku Hill, after which, Arata executed the Captain, in the year 2195. Soon after, the question of the new Head Captain role emerged. By the rules of battle, Arata was meant to become the new 1st Division Captain, and after a vote among the other Captains, the popular vote swayed in Arata's favour, making him the new Head Captain of the Gotei 13 in the year 2197.
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