Fahlrein invasion


This event began when a strange new person named Jurgen Fahlrein arrived in the Seireitei, stating that the Head Captain had some urgent work to attend to in the Human World and would be away for a while. Jurgen assumed the role of a general overseer, supposedly under the Head Captain's orders, but did not assert any authority over the Gotei 13. This seemed suspicious to some, but the general public carried on as normal for a while.

Soon after this, the Head Captain was officially declared M.I.A. and a special investigaton squad comprised of Academy students was created by Fahlrein in order to locate the Head Captain, whilst he went to the Human World by himself. This led to a lengthly wild goosechase that ended with Fahlrein also disappearing into the human world and the investigation being drawn to a close. The only clues given to their whereabouts being "Pernida" and "Nova Procedure", this being the permission granted for all members of Seireitei to use their full power.

Following the transmission, the Soul Society was left under attack by a hollow invasion. It seemed a gate into Hueco Mundo had been opened and hollows were spilling out of it. Everyone in Seireitei mobilised and squads as well as Academy students stepped out to defeat the hollows. In the middle of the invasion, an emergency transmission from the Head Captain was recieved, in which he used phonetic alphabet to spell out the word "TRAITOR". This led to a separate investigation into this message, followed by the reciept of another that said "RED SPIRIT WEAPON BOW". Then, a final transmission in morse code was recieved, which spelled the name "JURGEN FAHLREIN".

This led to a final confrontation against Fahlrein at the S.S. Building Society. Thankfully, there were no severe casualties and the bank was cleared out in time. Upon the Head Captain's return and the defeat of Fahlrein, he was sentenced to life improsonment in the Central Underground Prison.
--coded by Nicole--