Marchen attack


Leading up to a new batch of graduates, the Central 46 was slowly being rebuilt in order to prepare the students for new possibilities in their careers. As these plans went through, the Seireitei was visited by a representative of Wing Bind, Tavis Winchester. Tavis came with a proposition that the two worlds, Soul Society and Reverse London, could share resources and in return, the Academy would allow witches to study and train there before moing to Wing Bind. After numerous talks, a deal was set, allowing students of the Academy to move to Reverse London to join the Wing Bind ranks and London citizens could travel to the Academy to study.

Despite some suspicions of motive here and there, negotiations were going well and progressing to a strong tie between the East and West. Though these negotiations quickly broken down when Tavis' dragon, Beckett, went feral and began to attack Rukongai. The Gotei 13 mobilised, as well as some ambitious students, and took down the dragon, taking the body to the 12th Division for research. Despite this battle, the connectino between Wing Bind and Soul Society continued and has grown into a great collaboration. Tavis has since returned to Wing Bind as an officer, after being demoted from Director. Beckett's remains are still under the posession of the 12th.
--coded by Nicole--