Avatar of the Soul King


The Seireitei was already in some sligt disarray, with the rumours surrounding the Head Captain and his mysterious illness. Reports were made of his odd behaviour, and talks of classified documents that were needed in order to contain something dangerous. As this went on, the Head Captain immediately fell ill, going into a strange comatose state. At the exact same time, the Avatar of the Soul King arrived in the Grand Stadium, calling all Soul Reapers and students to his location.

The Soul King had declared that he needed to test everyone for some upcoming threat. The battle went on for some time, with many of the Gotei 13 mobilising to train, and the Head Captain waking up from his coma to fight. Though it was noted that something seemed very strange with him, only to be confirmed when, after the battle, the Head Captain attacked and almost killed the reformed criminal Jurgen Fahlrein. The battle ended with both men being rushed to the Coordinated Relief Station for healing.
--coded by Nicole--