Royal Guard


The Royal Guard, often referred to as Zero Division to signify its ties to the Gotei 13, it's a unique and extremely exclusive military organization tasked with the protection of the Soul king and Their Royal Palace. They are the only one allowed to live in the Soul King Palace, which is a separate dimension kept suspended above Soul Society.

It is extremely complicated to be accepted into the Royal Guard. Incredible spiritual power alone doesn't cut it, as a sharp mind is also required. Soul Reapers who meet these requirements are allowed to study under the Divine General for two years and only then are admitted to be Royal Guards. To rank up it is necessary to prove one's worth by creating a breakthrough invention that could change the life for every Soul Reaper. The prize for this mighty task is becoming Divine Commander and being able to shape one's own city in the Soul King Palace dimension.

Because it resides in a separate pocket dimension, the Royal Guard cannot come and go as they please, and as such every member of such an esteemed organization need to be ready to leave everything behind and only return to Soul Society if the Divine General allows it.
--coded by Nicole--