Miho Clan


The Miho clan was born out of a cadet branch of the Nitta noble family after the founder, Taro Nitta, was granted permission to create his own name as reward for saving a member of main Nitta branch from certain death at the hands of an enemy clan.
By design, the Miho are bound to serve the Nitta, and even if they have their own identity and their own main residence in the Yugurenoyama district (West Rukongai), the Miho hair will always be tasked with serving and protecting the Nitta heir.
Recently, the Miho and Nitta clan reunited by means of a matrimony between the current Miho heir, Sayuri Miho, and a Nitta from a secondary branch, Kaito Nitta. Despite this union, the two clans maintains their separate identities.

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