Saito Store


The Saito Store is a small general goods shop in the southernmost area of the Sakahone District. This store was first created around 144 years ago by the soul Toru Saito. The store was built to be a general store where shoppers could get small groceries, daily news, and other items for everyday living. The Saito Store was best known for its milk tea drinks that were freshly made by Toru himself.

Over the years, the store has served a wide variety of customers, and became a favourite for Soul Reapers in the district as well. Eventually the store branched out slightly, working with the Seireitei and providing a supply section specifically for Soul Reapers to buy soul candies, field medicines and other necessities for missions.

For a brief amount of time, the store closed its doors to Soul Reapers due to the friction between the new owner Hitori Saito, and the Gotei 13. However, soon this restriction was lifted and the store was open to Soul Reapers again. In the current day, Hitori’s daughter Ishizu owns the store, but she employs others to run it while she is away.
--coded by Nicole--