Igbé Nitta


Igbé Nitta is the 76th Head of Clan Nitta, a formidable woman who ruled the clan with an iron fist. Igbé served in Squad six for close to 2000 years as an officer, quietly biding her time to take power from the Kuchiki clan, though this never happened during her time of service.

During the Hollow Epidemic, many noble families were weakened however, Igbé sought the epidemic as a potential shift in powerplay, using her daughter, Aiko Nitta, as a pawn to elevate the clan into higher ranks. When the Kuchiki's power waned, she encouraged her daughter to take the role of Captain, knowing that her daughter's husband would follow and soon the name of Nitta and the 6th Division became synonymous. With her family in an even higher position of power, Igbé retired as an officer of the 6th division, becoming an elder on the council to help guide her daughter in the political matters of the clan, where she remains to this day.
--coded by Nicole--