Anathema Blake


Anathema Blake is a Reverse London Witch, born from a japanese witch, Hino Tomiko, who served as Chief in the Gallows for many years prior to her birth, and a British politician, Richard Albert Blake.

Despite her deep fascination for magic, Anathema never shared her parents ambitions and especially her mother's desire for her to achieve what she couldn't: becoming a member of the Top of Horns. Instead, Anathema choose to rebel and live underground in the human side of London as a punk musician with her band: The Curse.

Still, over the years she came to an agreement with her overbearing parents and accepted to enter the Wing Bind. Still, she chose the Billionaires, a Division her mother had no association with, and decided that the position of Vice Chief was more than enough responsability for her, due to her desire to keep pursuining music as her main gig.
--coded by Nicole--