Sabrine Savagaeu


Sabrine was born in a quaint village in Southern France, her father was a militairy man and so was required to move around frequently. Before Sabrine was a year old the family relocated to England where Sabrine was raised until the age of eleven and then they relocated once more to Japan.

It was here where Sabrine began to realize that she was different. It was also here where her relationship with her mother began to disintergrate. Whilst Sabrine's power only grew, her mother's abilities seemed to falter and the closer Sabrine got to fifteen years old of age, the more strange incidents began to occur. The Gotei 13 took notice and Sabrine was granted access to the Soul Society where she enrolled into the Shin'O Academy. After seven years she graduated and became an officer in the sixth division for seven years before becoming the Captain of the 4th Division as her exceptional skills in healing were noticed.
--coded by Nicole--