Beyond The Screen: Sayuri Miho
Attention blog enthusiasts! If you enjoyed the last blog, Hatsumomo is back again with another peek behind the curtain, or Beyond the Screen, as we learn more about the Deputy Head Captain!

- From : Arata Saito

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Seji Midori

Seji Midori The best DHC you've ever seen!

Akane Sallow

Akane Sallow oh what a great interview of the boss lady!

Kanai Miho

Kanai Miho Great interview! We have an incredible boss with us <3

Sabrine Savagaeu

Sabrine Savagaeu Wow I love learning more about the staff here

Saya Igarashi

Saya Igarashi We have the best boss <3

Aiko Hattori

Aiko Hattori Amazing interview!! Sayuri is amazing at her job!

Katon Miho

Katon Miho Amazing interview Hatsu!

Anathema Blake

Anathema Blake Such an interesting interview! I can't wait to see who's next!

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