Bleach spotlight: Bambietta Basterbine
Bambietta Basterbine is a powerful Quincy, a member of the Sternritter with the designation “E”: The Explode. Read about her incredible character and how to make a Quincy just like her on World of Reapers.

- From : Sayuri Miho

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Maeve Sallow

Maeve Sallow You had me at bomb!

Okano Himura

Okano Himura Oooh now she is very cool!

Seji Midori

Seji Midori Oh, Bambi... What a crazy gal.

Isao Morishita

Isao Morishita All her friends mellowed out after the war, but she's still wants to conquer the world! Better as a zombie. :P

Sora Aoki

Sora Aoki Nice!! I haven't watched the last season yet but her power looks cool!

Saya Igarashi

Saya Igarashi Bambietta is an amazing character, and her powers are baddass!!! Can't wait to see who the next one is!

Aiko Hattori

Aiko Hattori Incredible article!! I really liked her in the last season of Bleach

Sabrine Savagaeu

Sabrine Savagaeu She's certainly a formidable opponent!

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