Bleach Spotlight: Vizard
In this week's Bleach Spotlight, we are discussing a special aspect of the Arrancar storyline, and a very essential one at that! This week, we spotlight the Vizard!

- From : Arata Saito

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Kazuhiko Kishimoto

Kazuhiko Kishimoto We're the best, woo!

Tsuki Ruriko

Tsuki Ruriko It's such a cool power, we definitely need more vizards on WoR!

Sayuri Miho

Sayuri Miho I have to say.... Vizards are the best ;)

Arata Saito

Arata Saito That hollowfied bankai sure seems interesting o.o

Sabrine Savagaeu

Sabrine Savagaeu Very interesting to learn more about the Vizards!

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