Seji's Secrets, Vol. 2
It's our second round of secrets and rumors! Learn anything new from this edition?

- From : Seji Midori

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Seji Midori

Seji Midori Hey now there, Commander Miho... those words are not my own!

Katon Miho

Katon Miho What can I say I like to see you squirm cousin ;) If you think that nobles are only good for drinking tea dear Seji perhaps you need to open a history book.

Aiko Hattori

Aiko Hattori I don't know what to think about all this...

Seiji Nitta

Seiji Nitta Fancy tea drinking paper pushers . . . clearly people haven't been paying attention to recent battles XD

Sayuri Miho

Sayuri Miho You know, you made a compelling point. Katon is always talking left and right, but he does love to use his family name!

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